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What is Phototype and how to know it - Smart Solarium


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Skin Phototype

Every person’s skin is not the same. There are a lot of differences among the different people and their skin, which are determined by genetic characteristics. Nowadays we can have 6 kinds of phototypes:

PHOTOTYPE 1: very fair skin with high risk of sunburns.

People with phototype 1 turn red when they go out in the sun and they easily sunburn. They are usually red haired or blonde, very fair skin, pale eyes with freckles. They usually live in the north. They do not get tanned even if they go out in the sun a lot (they do not produce a lot of melanin)

These people should avoid going out in the Sun, avoid every kind of UV ray.

PHOTOTYPE 2: Fair skin with normal risk of sunburns.

People of phototype 2 often turn red after Sun exposure and it is common that they get sunburns or sun rashes. They are blond or light brown and they have freckles. They slightly get tanned after some exposures.

PHOTOTYPE 3: olive skin, sunburns are not common. It is the most common phototype in Italy. People with this phototype usually do not get sunburns. Normally they are brown haired   with dark eyes. They visibly get tanned after some exposures.

PHOTOTYPE 4: Olive skin, sunburns are not common. People with this phototype rarely get sunburns because of the high percentage of melanin. They are usually brown haired with dark eyes and they get tanned easily and they maintain their bronze for a long time.

PHOTOTYPE 5: dark skin, they almost never get sunburns. People with this phototype are dark haired with dark eyes and their skin is naturally protected by Sun exposure.

PHOTOTYPE 6: Black skin, they do not get sunburns. People of this phototype do not get sunburns. They are always tanned and protected by sun radiation. Phototype 6 characterizes “colored” people.

There is also phototype 0, which is associated to albinism, the illness of the people who do not have melanin. Phototype 0 cannot expose to radiations and has many restrictions. We can recognize these people because of their fair skin, fair hair and red eyes. It is important to understand the role melanin has in our body: it is because of this (there are a lot of kinds of melanin but we use to say melanin in general) that our hair has a particular colour, our skin and the colour of our eyes…

Melanin is the pigment that human body uses to color all the parts of our body.

To calculate the phototype the best thing is to talk with your beautician. To establish it approximately you can use the table below.




Hair color













Score (adding your point)




4 / 5


6 / 7


8 / 9




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